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... focused on treating an adolescent or young adult aged 13-25 that is struggling with mental health and/or substance use. We offer an individualized treatment experience facilitated by a diverse demographic of licensed mental health and substance abuse counselors. We treat depression, anxiety, anger, truancy, attachment, relational conflict, trauma, substance abuse, and more. 

Rebound Colorado is focused on providing reliable, affordable, and effective evidenced-based, trauma informed treatment to those facing an array of systemic and individualized challenges. With a family focused approach, we strive to empower, strengthen, and unify youth and their families so that the family becomes the structure for continued success. 


 Treatment Program approach

We know that finding the right treatment and even knowing when to engage in treatment can be a very intimidating and challenging task. At Rebound Colorado, your situation, your experiences, and your journey are all a unique part of you and your families treatment process, and this starts with the very first phone call. We strive to provide an experience that is focused on providing long term stability with the necessary skills and resources needed to overcome future challenges. With a family focus and an integration of community engagement, we provide an experience that strengthens the teen and family as a whole so that when inevitable challenges occur after treatment, the teen and family have established a strong family system combined with a network of effective community supports to help them better overcome the curve balls of life.

We emphasize individualized treatment plans in order to truly meet each adolescent and families unique needs. We estimate length of treatment following the intake assessment, based primarily on four areas. These four areas are social/emotional functioning, professional/educational functioning, familial functioning, biological/medical functioning. A thorough and collaborative intake assessment allows us to identify the strengths and areas of growth for an adolescent and family. Our clinicians then work collaboratively with the teen and family to identify services such as individual therapies, family therapies, case management services, and/or specific group therapies that are most likely to benefit the client and enhance motivation for change and quality of life. With a variety of different group therapies focused on addressing specific needs in treatment, building skills, and enhancing internal and external supports our individualized treatment approach really allows patients to get individualized help.

Patients are assessed every four weeks using brief assessments derived from progression in therapy services and a collaborative and personal approach in therapy as well as constant communication with family members and treatment teams. This allows treatment services and approaches to be tailored and adjusted on a month-to-month basis dependent on progress in treatment. With treatment programs focused on increasing insight and awareness, developing skills, increasing supports, and engaging in extracurricular activities; our treatment approach is heavily focused on providing a well rounded, client driven, dual-diagnosis treatment experience that is not only effective but enjoyable. Re-connecting and re-learning a life full of activities and relationships that bring joy to an individual can make sobriety and treatment fun and exciting, allowing our patients to reconnect with themselves, regain control over their life, and improve relations with those they cherish.


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