Teen and young adult services


Teen and Young Adult


•  Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment (6hrs or more a week) (This is a combination of group, individual, and family services)
•  Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment
•  Individual Therapy
•  Group Therapy
•  Community Integration Support


•  Individualized Family Therapy
•  Multi-Family Group Therapy
•  CRAFT-Community Reinforcement and Family Training
(Interested Parents can expect to learn how to better support their child's recovery process and improve communication and boundary setting with their child)


Evidence Based Group Service

•  Anger Management
•  Cognitive Behavior Therapy
•  DBT Skills Training
•  Healthy Relationships
•  Multi-Family Group Therapy
•  Relapse Prevention
•  Seeking Safety


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Evidence Based Group Descriptions


Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group - multistage approach treating the most self-destructive behavior, such as suicide attempts or self-injury, addressing, quality-of-life skills, such as emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness, creating improved relationships and self-esteem and promotes more joy and relationship connection.

Cognitive behavioral Therapy - Identifies and changes negative and self defeating thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes.

Pathways to Recovery- Cognitive based therapy process group to focus on changing maladaptive patterns and behaviors in adolescents.

Seeking Safety - present-focused therapy that helps clients attain safety from trauma (including PTSD) and substance abuse by emphasizing coping skills, grounding techniques, and education.

Healthy Relationships – patients discover their individual identity, recognize and respect differences in others, develop healthy dating strategies, develop skills for constructing and maintaining positive social supports, skills for setting appropriate boundaries, understanding safe social media guidelines and viewing advertisements through an accurate lens, creating vision and applying it to future dreams and success, effective communication techniques for navigating conflict and expressing oneself, developing leadership skills.

Aggression Replacement Therapy- A multidimensional psychoeducational intervention designed to promote prosocial behavior in chronically aggressive and violent adolescents using techniques to develop social skills, emotional control, and moral reasoning.


early intervention course

  • Patients will complete a 3 hour early intervention course covering basic information around the legalities of substance use, how substance use and mental health challenges intersect, skills on how to talk about substance use, basic coping skills for anxiety/depression/impulse-control, and a parent-child discussion and skill building component.

  • The course is broken down into back to back days with two 1.5 hour sessions. The second day parent or family member engagement is required.

  • This course is appropriate for a teen aged 12-18 that may be beginning to experiment with substance use.

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